( Ajman Moniscione x Naama della Vigna )

Althea. Mare, bay 2009

2015Vichy, International Arabian Horse Show B
Gold Champion
Best Mare of Show
And First in class
4-6 year old mares

Emerald Trophy Brecht, Belgium.
First in class
Gold Champion Senior Mares
2014Top 5 European Championships
2013Top 5 Verona 4 to 6 year old mares

Elran Arabian Cup
Class winner senior mares
Gold Champion Senior Mares
Best of Show Elran Cup 2013

Top 5 Menton 4 to 6 year old mares

Emerald Trophy Brecht. B.
Silver Champion senior mares

2012Gold Medal filly and best Head
2010Italian National champion filly
Best in show Castello

Italian National Championship 2010
Gold Medal Filly and Best in Show

Manerbio Int. B Show 2010
Silver Medal Filly1st place fillies 1 year old

Malpensa Fiera Nat. C Show2010
3rd place Fillies 1 year old