The wind of heaven is that which

blows between a horse’s ears.

…Arabian Proverb…

I must have been 5 years old when I first was introduced to the world of horses and horse racing. My brother was a jockey in Belgium and we often cheered him on. The horses energy and the whole atmosphere of these events had a profound impact on me.

It was only later that I developed my love for Arabian Horses, because that same brother advised me to take up a ‘real’ hobby, i.e. Arabian Horses, a world of Passion!

After having orientated myself thoroughly at the Arabian market and having asked many questions to the true ‘experts’, I decided to buy my first two horses! Seeing those horses run and graze, makes me euphoric and gives me a feeling of total freedom.

​Although my brother and I each went our separate ways in the Arabian business, I am still grateful that he has brought me back on ‘(horse) track’.

The strength and elegance that an Arabian horse displays is so powerful that it makes all daily problems go away.

I consider myself a privileged woman, being surrounded by horse lovers, sharing our deep passion and encouraging each other. They have given me so much advice and ideas, I never noticed any envy here!!

Thank you all very much for your support and warmth. I am very fortunate to live my dream!

Yours sincerely,​